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The manager of landscape advice has been associated with horticulture for many years. 1977 saw the start of his training in nursery work, propagating and tending to trees and shrubs that were containerized. Learning plant names is hard at first but when handling thousands of differing varieties the names become entrenched in one’s mind.

The nursery work led to self employment (1982) in the garden maintenance area. This work included Ponds, Fencing, Driveways, Lawns, Borders and Shrub beds and much more.

During the 1990s it became evident that many house owners and developers were looking for advice and design. There was a need for somebody who could see the project through with an understanding and experience to overcome the problems associated with sites and its environs.

Our experience in advising sales staff of large companies and our time spent with surveyors at the briefing stage of the project has enabled us to boldly offer professional services via the internet.

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